Fundraising Strategy for the Bio-Bridge Initiative

At the 13th Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the  Convention on Biodiversity the goverment of the Republic of Korea launched the Bio-Bridge Initiative (BBI). This Initiative aims to initiate and stimulate technical and scientific cooperation (TSC) between countries. The focus is primarily on supporting developing countries and countries with economies in transition in implementing the Convention, the Nagoya and Cartagena Protocol. These countries are lacking the necessary expertise, experience and capacity for this. For more information about BBI please visit

Lenten Conservation Consultancy has been contracted to draft a Fundraising Strategy for BBI and at the same time to support the CBD Secretariat in their fundraising efforts for TSC. 


Development of a Training Course on Initiating Transboundary Conservation

From 30 October - 1 November 2018 a Training Workshop with respect to Initiating Transboundary Conservation took place in Ulcinj. Montenegro. The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation has contracted Bert Lenten  as resource person to take up a seat in the Steering Committee. The latter has been requested to provide comments and remarks on the Training Modules, before as well as during the actual Workshop. IUCN  ECARO and IUCN ELC have developed these Modules. Based on the comments and remarks received from the Steering Committee the Modules will be further amended and refined and it is foreseen that the final product will be a online Training Course on this specific issue, which will make it accessible for anyone that want to know more about how to initiate Transboundary Conservation. 


Reviewing the nomination of the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai (China) as World Heritage Site

At the beginning of 2019 IUCN published a call for Volunteers to review the nomination of several sites proposed by the Chinese government. These side located along the Coast of the Yellow Sea-Bohai are of great importance for particularly migratory birds. Taking into account his wealth of knowlegde and experience with respect to conservation of migratory bird Bert Lenten volunteered  and offered his services by reviewing the proposal mentioned-above.


Reviewing proposals for the IUCN World Conservation Congress Forum

From 11-19 June 2020 the IUCN World Conservation Congress will take place in Marseille, France. A high number of proposals have been received for the Forum. Therefore IUCN has called for Volunteers to review these proposals. Bert Lenten has volunteerd to review a few proposals within his field of expertise. In August 2019 in total 5 proposals were reviewed by him and submitted to IUCN with his recommendation on each proposal.


Drafting a proposal for IKI application
Currently Lenten Conservation Consultancy is drafting an outline for a possible application for a grant from the German International Climate Initiative (IKI) on behalf of the CBD Secretariat. The focuss will be mainly on conservation of biodiversity in Central Asian.


Klaus Topfer Fellowship Programme

On the request of BFN (Germany) Mr. Lenten has taken on mentoring of two Fellows. One of them is focussing on Infrastructure and impact on Wildlife and the other on implementation of Aand CMS within his country of origin. 


Development of websites

Over the last 2 years 3 basic websites (including this one) have been developed by Mr. Lenten.